2016/2016 Season

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Our ninth race of the series!


SNOW people. Real live inches of snow. We couldn't have asked for a better weekend for our 8th race of the series, or for better partners than Trek Bicycles. Flannel, flyovers, beer shortcuts, laps, beer trailer, pizza, heckling and a massive bonfire made for one of the best rides yet. Hugh Jass thank you to Trek and their trail crew for grooming and helping us set up one of the most memorable courses to date! CAN'T WAIT TO COME BACK NEXT YEAR!

RACE #7- Minooka Park Reprise


Ice... pure, pure ice. But did we let the non-useable singletrack ruin the weekend? I think not. It reminded us of our very favorite saying: "fun and flexible, but not flexible on fun... because if you are not having fun, you are not doing it right". The day turned out beautiful, the sun was shining and our friends came to play despite the crummy trail conditions. We love ya'll and thanks for enjoying the day, and dranken our brand new beer with us! Thanks @mkebrewing for our HUGH JASS BEER!

RACE #6- Kletzsch park

Oh Joy! New Year's Eve and Hugh Jass was a winning combination. The trails were icy, the trails were tight, and the spirits were high as we rang in the new year with a cheering jab of fun and excitement. We would like to thank all the people and bikes that made this off-season more fun than ever. We hit the 500 person participation mark this season alone. We also want to thank Metro Mountain Bikers for layin down some new trail, Milwaukee County Parks for the land, food, and shelter, and to our friend Hugh- that crazy lumberjack who gets us outside, on bikes, all season long. Three cheers for beers, and beer shortcuts (thanks, MKE Brewing :)!

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Hugh Jass Race 5 took us down south of the border to check out Evanston, IL as we brought a little bit of jolly merriment to the last 8 holes of the Canal Shores Golf Course. As always, our Hugh Jasses and Lasses impressed the crap out of us with the glorious attire of the ugly christmas sweater. We had 9 finalists, who all receieved a nice lil token of appreciation with a new "Hugh Jass Patch" and an additional 10 points to their name. Fun stuff everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM HUGH JASS!


Hugh Jass Race 4 = staff pick as our absolute favorite race yet. The Course, the venue, the perfect weather, the camo, the beer, the bacon, the bikes, the cranberries, the turkey, the fireball... it was the sh#*t. We wish every race could be like this, and it reminds us how important flowy singletrack is to the fat biker's soul. If you have never ridden the mountain bike trails at the Mountain Top at Grand Geneva, you gotta go. A season trail pass is $50 or throw $5 in the bucket at the trail and enjoy the trails brought to you and maintained by the Treadhead cycling group. Learn more!

Race #3- Appleton memorial park:

Hugh Jass Race 3 took us up to Appleton, WI and to visit our friends and shops in the Fox Valley. The course here at Appleton Memorial Park was certainly an ode to cyclocross with mixed terrain in a park setting. Hammaschlagen on top of the ski hill and awesome amphitheater and pond backdrop made for a nice fall event with sunshine on our side. A huge shoutout to our friends at 45NRTH for making the drive from Minneapolis to hang out with us for the day.

Race #2- Alpha Trails:

Hugh Jass Race 2: We couldn't have asked for a prettier day. Fall colors, warm temps, and the beautiful Alpha Trail singletrack of Whitnall Park in Franklin, WI. Being so close to Halloween, we awarded a Hugh Jass 20 points for all those who put a costume on for the race... and wow we were blown away.

Thanks again to @Metro Mountain Bikers for being awesome and making noticeable trail improvements over the last year. Thank you to @Milwaukee County Parks for the great venue and the tasty warm food and drinks!



Race #1 - Minooka Park:

Season Starter Race 1 was a fricken blast! Thank you to the 130 racers who came out to enjoy the beauty of nature and the awesomeness of our favorite home trail system at Minooka Park. 5 Points for flannel made for a burly looking start line. Y'all look good and make us real proud. Hammaschlagen improvements made for some fast tappers... which extended to the fast cashing of our 3 kegs of beer. Great start errybody. We are excited for this season!

2015/2016 Season

Race #6 - SPear the fatty!!!

If anybody thought that there was no way for Spear the Fatty to be more epic than last year, guess again! Thanks to Gloria at DuTriRun for organizing a great event space, and of course, killing it with kindness on the awards that went 10 deep! I'm not at all surprised that negative temperatures couldn't keep more than 80 riders away from the HUGH JASS Madness and we truly appreciate that you made it up to this race! Enjoy photos from Christine Kysely who managed to keep her camera working in the arctic conditions. Thanks again to Bare Bones Brewing for providing beer prizes for finishers over 21 years old! 


Results - Spear the Fatty


Race #5 - Minooka Park

And we'll Start the Race is 5...4...Oh wait, we're going the other direction...3....2....turn around and 1.....GO!!!! OHH What fun it was to give people at the back a chance to be at the front of the pack for a bit! Thanks for being a good sport during one of the best races of the year! With wonderful weather, killer snow conditions and tons of great beer from MIlwaukee Brewing Company, Minooka turned out to be a great success as a repeat location. Thanks again to the parks department for grooming the trails before and after the race, and being such gracious hosts to our fatty madness! 

Enjoy some of the picks and check out the results! 





Race #4 - Kletzsch Park 

Anybody who came out to the race on Saturday was blessed with a truly great course and fantastic weather. Thanks to everyone who showed up and believes that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Thanks again to Milwaukee Brewing Company for the generous libations during and after the races, and Salsa Demo Crew for bringing the new lineup of fatties for people to try out. I also want to shout out to The Friends of Kletzsch Park for being so gracious with the park pavilion - the Fireplace Dance Party was off the hook! Thanks for opening it up for us! 

Congrats to the winners and everybody else who came out and enjoyed the day! 

Here is the link to the results. 


RACE #3 - Whitnall Park 

Turns out, riding at the Alpha trails still kicks a$#. After a whole week of grooming the old school way, the course was perfectly tuned for the race and we had our biggest turn out yet! Over 150 people came to race, spectate and just enjoy the beautiful weather we had for the weekend. Cheers to all the winners and racers who meandered their way through the beautiful trails at Whitnall Park. Hopefully these races serve as a nice reminder that there are some really amazing trails right here in Milwaukee. 

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Thanks to all of our great sponsors for raffle prizes and winning packages!




With tons of obstacles, dense fog, huge mud puddles and a smattering of tires in the way, we're proud to award about 80 racers that survived the day. Although many of us still wishing for cold snowy and possibly arctic conditions, we're thrilled to see spirits so high for the day! Thanks again to Canal Shores for letting us rip it up out there. Honestly, many of you were concerned that it was too muddy for a race, but our generous and friendly hosts at the Golf Club assured us that they would rather be known for a venue that is friendly to cyclocross and fat bike races during the off season than worry about the small amount of seed they'd have to plant to fix it up in the spring. We can't thank you enough for those who showed up for the day and had a blast in the mud. Please take a look below at some of the photos and results from the day. 

Race #2 results - Canal Shores


RACE #1 - Minooka Park - WOW!!!!

What a great turn out for the kickoff of the Hugh Jass Fat Bike Race Series! We had over 100 people enjoy the beautiful weather as they raced about 13 miles at the new mountain bike trailhead at Minooka Park. Due to the muddy freeze thaw conditions,  we weren't able to have any of the course on the actual singletrack. We do highly recommend that you re-visit Minooka when the ground starts to freeze and the snow starts to fall. It's one of the few places where trails for fat bikes are well ridden in the winter. 

From the start, we've been excited to host such a positive and wholesome event. With all of great feedback, we're just pickled with joy for those who got to watch the spectacle of 100 racers trying to hammerschlagen after each of the laps. We're happy to announce that through the parking donations, (Thanks Waukesha Parks Dept!) we raised over $300 dollars for the trails. Kudos to the wonderfully hilly course laid out by Metro Mountain Bikers and special thanks to Colin Stevens (Brookfield W&S) & Ron Stawicki (Delafield W&S) for helping with the course layout. We all hope you enjoyed the first race in the series as much as we did! The team here at Wheel & Sprocket is looking forward to more shenanigans as the races continue to evolve over the winter!

Congratulations to the all our winners. Please click the link below for the general standings.