Between each lap, all racers must play Hammerschlagen and pound in their nail all the way into the wood. Fail to successfully nail, and you can be disqualified. 

After a racer passes the finish line - they must take their number plate off their bike, run over & place it into the ring of tires - inside will be a bucket.

If another racer crosses the finish line after you, but gets their nameplate in the bucket BEFORE you, They will earn more points and have a high place standing than you.

Racers that lose their Number Plate during the race will have to make a new one at the registration tent. NO EXCEPTIONS.

In the event of a mechanical failure, riders are allowed to come to the start and either have the problem fixed, or borrow a rental fat bike to finish the race (free of charge granted we have your size still available).  You will get your 10 points for finishing your remaining laps, or 5 points for getting back in the game and trying.


SEE THE SCOREBOARD for 2018/2019

This point of the races is to have fun… but we also love to reward those who spend the winter with us!


See the 2017/2018 Standing

The points challenge goes all season long. Winners for each category will be rewarded at the end of the year party hosted at Kegels Inn Sunday March 18th, 2018



SEE 2016/2017 Years Standings

Congrats to our winners from year 2!!!!





Each race, the top 5 winners of each category will be awarded, and rewarded.


Juniors (Under 18 Years Old)

Women's Citizen (Over 18) - MORE FUN, less laps

Women's Elite (Over 18)- MORE FAST, more laps

Men's Citizen (Over 18)- MORE FUN, less laps

Men's Elite (Over 18)- MORE FAST, more laps


You will be awarded overall points on your best 6 race*

We understand you can't spend all your weekends Hugh Jassin' so the points will be figured based on your best 6 races.

BONUS POINTS: At morning registration, bonus points will be checked on the big board.

*Your points stay with you the whole season (your reward for having fun and dressing up)