Race 6: 2/9 - Alpha/Kegel Trails (Franklin, WI)

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Race 6: 2/9 - Alpha/Kegel Trails (Franklin, WI)

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Race 6: 2/9 - Alpha/Kegel Trails (Franklin, WI)



Kegel/Alpha Trails (Learn More)

W431 County Line Dr,

Kewaskum, WI 53040

PARKING: YOU MUST GET A PARKING PASS from the DNR and a TRAILS PASS. The DNR is on site to buy your yearly or daily passes!


9:30am- Registration

11:00am- Race Starts



Points Theme

10 Points for Flannel!


Each race is a mass start, variable course that depends on the weather and course conditions. Each race you will be informed of your laps the morning of, but be prepared to ride for about an hour!

Between each lap, all participants play Hammaschlagen- our version of the German Drinking game where you pound a 3.5 inch nail with a hammer into a burly piece of wood. This allows us to count your laps, and keep encouraging you to be awesome!

The first person to put their Number Plate in the tire bucket after completing all laps will be named the category winner.

In 2018-2019 we have 5 Categories:

Juniors <18

Men 18+ Elite & Citizen

Women 18+ Elite & Citizen

All riders self select themselves into Elite/Citizen categories. Elite= FAST; Citizen = FUN.

Place in the top 1-3 in Citizen 2+ times at our races, and you will automatically be bumped to Elite.